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Mark Schwaiger Jr CEO

Mark is one of the driving forces behind our mission to build a community that withstands the test of time. With an extensive background in business strategy, Mark's journey began at one of Georgia's largest PI firms, Regional Medical Group, where he helmed the marketing division.

Not one to rest on laurels, Mark simultaneously ventured into the cannabis industry, founding Treevana, and pursued a law degree at John Marshall Law School by night. While law school wasn't completed, Mark's passion for strategy with a legal and financial emphasis persisted. This commitment led to the establishment of Tidal Consulting, focusing on consulting and small business financing.

Having been part of nearly 30 companies, Mark brings a wealth of experience to the table. Mark's strategic foresight guides our journey to automate operations, creating efficiencies that expedite our clients' dream home realization. Constantly on the lookout for industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, Mark ensures our company remains at the forefront.

In pursuit of providing dream homes to as many as possible, Mark envisions a future where our impact on Tampa's skyline is nothing short of transformative.

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